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Course CatalogCatalog: Pilot Reliability Certification Program 200-level Courses

$199.00 (USD)
4 course(s) (Closed courses will not be included.)

Please note, each course in the PRC 200-level is priced individually, and may be taken as a stand-alone course for $60 by making the payment on the course page (click links below). 

Alternatively you may purchase all four courses for the reduced cost of $199 by using the PayPal button above and take them in any order. 

The next level of Pilot Reliability Certification online training is now available. We designed our 200-level series for aviators interested in heightening their situational awareness, furthering their careers in aviation instruction, enhancing safety management system (SMS) effectiveness, and broadening their leadership skills.

Click the link below to enroll and continue your journey to excellence.

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PRC 201: Situational Awareness (SA) and Attention Management

Cost: $60.00 (USD)
Discover how developing good self awareness is the first key to maintaining great situational awareness

PRC 202: Instructing and Evaluating Professional Airmanship

Cost: $60.00 (USD)
Instructing and Evaluating Professional Airmanship

PRC 203: Aviation Safety Program Management

Cost: $60.00 (USD)
Aviation Safety Program Management

PRC 204: Leadership Course

Cost: $60.00 (USD)
Leadership Course
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