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Course CatalogCatalog: Fit4Duty

$299.00 (USD)
6 course(s) (Closed courses will not be included.)

Convergent Performance has created the first FRMS program specifically for business aviation and charter operations. It is a deep content, low overhead model that leverages the unique aspects of these operational environments. This FRMS solution includes equal weight on personal accountability and systems reliability, and will allow you to customize your fatigue mitigation.

The cost of this program covers all 6 courses in the Fit4Duty program. Each course must be taken and successfully completed in turn.

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Fit4Duty 1 - Introduction

The Fit4Duty introduction module, consists of a 30 minute video hosted by Dr. Tony Kern.

Fit4Duty 2 - Sleep

Fit4Duty Module 2 - The Critical Importance of Sleep

Fit4Duty 3 - Nutrition and Hydration

Fit4Duty Module 3 - Fueling for Success

Fit4Duty 4 - Stress

Fit4Duty Module 4 – Stressing for Success

Fit4Duty 5 - Extend Your Warranty

Fit4Duty Module 5 - Aging: Extend Your Warranty

Fit4Duty 6 - Exercise

Fit4Duty Module 6 - Exercise Changes Everything
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