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Course CatalogCatalog: Aviation Maintenance Never Events Video eLearning Program

$299.00 (USD)
6 course(s) (Closed courses will not be included.)

The Aviation Maintenance Never Events program is a revolutionary new approach to addressing the most costly events associated with standard maintenance operations.

The six modules in the program are video based lectures delivered by an aviation maintenance professional and each course is followed by a short test to ensure a thorough comprehension of the course content.

Completion of the program and the associated tests are accepted by the FAA as accredited and approved IA refresher training.

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AMNE Module 1 - Introduction to Never Events

Learn how and why certain events in aviation maintenance truly should never happen

AMNE Module 2 - The Big One: Improper Movement

Identify how improper movement events occur and the psychology of the normalization of deviance.

AMNE Module 3 - The Unspoken Responsibilities of Aircraft Technicians

Learn that there are unsaid responsibilities of the certificated aircraft technician and their critical role in the safety of the industry.

AMNE Module 4 - Criticality of Professionalism and Ethics in Aviation

Address the prevalence of wrong part errors and the wrong person epidemic.

AMNE Module 5 - Last Minute Killers

Investigate the gravity and causes of lost tool and unsecured panel incidents.

AMNE Module 6 - Always Say Never

Review of the lessons of the Never Events and strategies learned along with immediately actionable opportunities for improvement.
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