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Course CatalogCatalog: Introduction to Professionalism for Aviators (IPA)

$249.00 (USD)
4 course(s) (Closed courses will not be included.)

Unprofessional behaviors and attitudes are having negative effects on every industry. You don’t have to go any further than social media sites to see the impacts. Unfortunately, while Professionalism seems like a fairly straightforward term, it has proven to be anything but.

True professionalism calls for open and ongoing dialogue among all individuals in the industry, which will raise awareness of the importance of subjects like risk management, mitigating complacency and task saturation, and improving overall performance.

Complete this 100 Level Introduction to Professionalism for Aviators course to elevate your understanding of professionalism and how safety, human error, and SMS are all intertwined. 

This catalog comprises of four courses:

  • What and Why of SMS
  • Blue Threat: Taking on the Human Error Challenge
  • Safety Through Professionalism
  • Climbing the Performance Ladder

Purchased separately these courses cost $75 each, but the catalog as a whole is available with all four courses (which can be taken in any order) at the single price of $249.  


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  • Courses (4)

IPA - 1 What and Why of SMS

Cost: $75.00 (USD)
This webinar will explain the value of an SMS

IPA - 2 Blue Threat: Taking on the Human Error Challenge

Cost: $75.00 (USD)
The Blue Threat is the internal threat—the things we do to ourselves and each other that end up sabotaging our goals and missions.

IPA - 3 Safety Through Professionalism

Cost: $75.00 (USD)
Ideal for all levels of your workforce, this module introduces the four levels and six domains of professionalism

IPA - 4 Climbing the Performance Ladder

Cost: $75.00 (USD)
Studies have shown that individuals will perform at the level of their routine performance in a high-stress or life-threatening situation.
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