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Course CatalogCatalog: Understanding Culture

This series tackles the many culture challenges facing modern organizations by presenting an entirely new way to view culture, change efforts, and the roles of every individual at your organization.

Particular attention is given to the vital role of first line supervisors and informal leaders throughout the duration of the course. Culture is always changing, and this series is a roadmap for reversing downward cultural trends by diving into case studies to learn from real examples of cultural failure.

This series provides the guidance organizations need to understand the powerful force that is an always changing culture, and how to direct the flow of culture toward improvement and away from the elements that make for a negative workplace. Finally, this series supplies some methods for sustaining culture change once it’s achieved.

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Understanding Culture Module 1 - Understanding Culture and Its Implications

Cost: $99.00 (USD)
The series opens by defining culture, looking at the challenges in modern organizations, and examining the role of formal and informal leaders in shaping organizational culture.

Understanding Culture Module 2 - Reversing Negative Cultural Norms

In this module learners are tasked with identifying weaknesses in their own culture, and shown how long-term culture change is started.

Understanding Culture Module 3 - Sustaining Your Safety Culture

This module explores several ways to sustain a positive culture once achieved, and avoid the pitfalls that can come about when the culture seems healthier than it actually is.

Understanding Culture Module 4 - Habits are Better than Rules

The final module explores rules, positive enforcement, compliance, and cultural implications on hiring and new hires.
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