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Course CatalogCatalog: Fit4Duty 2019

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This fatigue mitigation training focuses on personal accountability and holistic readiness, with research, knowledge, tips, and tools for all elements of the fatigue equation: sleep, nutrition and hydration, stress, physical fitness, and aging. 

This training uses a deep content, low overhead model that leverages the unique individual aspects of physiological readiness. It's perfect for any individual, team, or organization concerned with fighting fatigue through personal accountability, and was designed to be a holistic solution to the problem of physiological readiness, going deeper than most other programs that just talk about getting more sleep. It also serves as a fantastic training component for those organizations that already utilize a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).

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Fit4Duty 2019 - 1 The Critical Importance of Sleep

The first in the new and updated Fit4Duty video series.

Fit4Duty 2019 - 2 Fueling for Victory!

The second in the new and updated Fit4Duty video series.

Fit4Duty 2019 - 3 Stressing for Success

The third in the new and updated Fit4Duty video series.

Fit4Duty 2019 - 4 Aging; Extending Your Warranty

The fourth in the new and updated Fit4Duty video series, we take a look at the one thing that affects us all and how it fits into the Fit4Duty pyramid. Aging may be inevitable, but getting old may not be.

Fit4Duty 2019 - 5 Exercise

The final module in the new and updated Fit4Duty video series. Though fatigue management relies on all of the elements in the pyramid to produce more energy, focus, and stamina; as well as reducing errors and driving higher performance—fitness is critical. There are five essential and unique elements of exercise that will be covered in this module.
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