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Fatigue Countermeasures for Maintenance TechniciansFatigue Countermeasures for Maintenance Technicians

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This one-hour training block is a video based program for those who work in the highly dynamic, time compressed world of aviation maintenance.

It is designed for line technicians, first line supervisors, and managers.

It takes a unique approach to dealing with the “jungle of fatigue” and provides clear action steps forgetting improved sleep and working on the back side of the clock. Key topics include shift work, the impact of nutrition, hydration, light therapy, exercise, and even the effects of aging on sleep patterns.

Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Fatigue Countermeasures for Maintenance Technicians -


  • Comprehend the risks associated with fatigue in aviation maintenance.
  • Develop and apply countermeasures to get better sleep and arrive to work in a fully rested condition.
  • Apply countermeasures to human error associated with working in a fatigued state.
  • Understand and counter risks associated with shift work and changing schedules.
  • Apply holistic wellness tools to counter the effects of fatigue (I.e. nutrition, exercise, sleep habits)
  • Recognize signs of fatigue in coworkers and assist as required to prevent errors.
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