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PRC106: An Introduction to Automation AirmanshipPRC106: An Introduction to Automation Airmanship

 Brief Synopsis: This course focuses on tools and skills for transition to advanced technology systems. The learner will use the 7 Automation Airmanship Skills to apply to their own technology and operational environment, “driving down” the time required to adjust to advanced cockpit systems and optimizing performance in experienced crews.

Course Topics: Automation induced error; Automation error impacts; Common automation pitfalls; Man-machine interface; Mode awareness; Alerts and warning systems; Data entry and verification

Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)


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The goal of this module is to ensure that regardless of the level of technology you are flying – or will ever fly – you have the fundamentals of automation airmanship in your tool kit to give you the confidence you need to integrate with other assets and fly well no matter what the situation throws at you.
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