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MRC 102: Mind-Body Link: Physiology and Psychology of Human ErrorMRC 102: Mind-Body Link: Physiology and Psychology of Human Error

Brief Synopsis: This course provides vital background information on physiological and psychological readiness that underpins peak mental function in tightly coupled, error intolerant environments. Course Topics: Physiological basics of mental functions; impacts and countermeasures of fatigue, hydration, nutrition, stress, and multitasking on decision making.

Estimated Length: 2 hour(s) and 20 minute(s)


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Online Lesson1. MRC102 - The Mind Body Link -


Professionals who complete this course will learn all about physiological and psychological readiness specifically tailored for the aviation maintaner. Assessment: End of course on line examination. Minimum passing score is 80%.


To enroll in this course you must have completed all of the following courses:

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